All you need to know about the single-dose vaccine coming to India next month

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Till now all the COVID-19 vaccinations being administered across the globe (except J&J’s single dose vaccine) consist of two doses. And now Sputnik Light, the single-dose vaccine, will reportedly be reaching India next month. However, the developers have revealed that the dose is less effective against the South African variant of COVID-19 but offers some amount of protection against other variants. The markers claim that they will cover all the existing mutations soon. It is believed that the availability of Sputnik Light, could speed up the pace of vaccination drive in countries like India. As per the developers, the vaccine can also be used as a booster shot to maintain existing herd immunity.

The symptoms of the Sputnik Light vaccine include mild pain at the injection site, fever, headaches, fatigue, muscle aches. No reports of serious adverse effects of getting this vaccine have been reported till now.

(Image: Reuters)

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